Napa Newborn Photography

There is nothing more miraculous to me than a newborn baby.  I love babies and children of all ages, but I am always amazed by newborns.  Just a week prior to this photograph, baby Tanner  was still nestled inside his mother's body....looking just the same, and about the same size.  I'll be photographing him throughout the year, so stay tuned and watch him grow!




Editorial Style Maternity San Francisco Bay Area

Editorial Style Maternity San Francisco Bay Area

Here's a sneak peek from Erika's super fun and sexy maternity session. What a  gorgeous pregnant woman she is!!   Since I photographed  Erika and Sean's Engagement Session and their Sonoma Wedding, It was especially fun to be a part of this stage in their lives!   Fabulous Hair Design by Tiffany Concklin . She was a true rock star on this shoot, and it wouldn't have been the same without her.

Makeup by  Shannon Stellmacher


  Napa Sonoma Maternity Photographer0005Editorial Style Maternity PhotographyNapa Maternity Photographer

Napa Maternity 06Napa Maternity 07Napa Maternity 08

Jake and Sophie in Soho!

We had a blast on a recent trip to New York!  We made it there to see the last of the season's first snow.......  Jake was making snowballs as we made our way to the car at JFK ( at 11pm )

Jake at SFO......snow jacket and snow boots already on and ready to go...... and gloves to his side.  He reminded me several times that he had only been to the snow once in his ENTIRE life!


Sophie's New York Mac n' Cheese

Actually, it was just noodles with butter.  And yes, it was the most delicious plate of noodles with butter I have ever tasted.   Since we were in New York near Times Square, the restaurant had a per plate minimum....  So, this was a pricey plate of starch!  Jessica, Jake and I ate up every last noodle that Sophie didn't finish. I'm almost embarrassed to admit we wanted more!

A New Bundle of Joy!!

My brother and his lovely wife were blessed with their second little girl.  I drove like a maniac to the hospital hoping to get there in time, but she came quickly.  Only 45 minutes old when I met her for the first time, and cute as could be.  She nursed, snuggled her Mommy and Daddy, and when she had the chance.......looked at me knowingly with one open eye.  Congratulations on your new little bundle!!  xoxo

Sophie's Birth

Sophie's birth was an absolutely incredible experience, and I feel so blessed to have been there to photograph it.   She was born "on-time" one day before her due date........which was perfect since I had kept that weekend open just in case.   It was surreal to watch her come into the world, and to witness the miracle of life.  Jake was so excited that Sophie was on her way!  He was very concerned for his big sister and tried to comfort her the best he could.  Jessica delivered naturally without pain medication.  Sophie came into the world alert and gazed intently at her mother as she nursed.  It was amazing to say the least!!  Thank you Jessica for letting me share these images!

My Beginnings

I've been asked a lot lately how I got started in photography.  It's been a passion of mine since early childhood when I began photographing my two younger brothers.  My earliest  projects involved dressing them up.......usually in my clothing, or from whatever I could get my hands on from my 3 sisters.  The boys didn't stand a chance. Yes, their baby books are filled with images of them in skirts and blue eyeshadow.   Despite the fact that they refused to dress as girls past the age of five.........I love them dearly  for enduring these early sessions which helped to reinforce my love of photography.  We still laugh about it to this very day.  The following image was shot  with film when I was fifteen.  The original plan was for the little one to be "the biker chick"...........but he put up a fight during the make up application and insisted on being a "biker dude" like his older brother.   They were so cute posing like tough guys. You can see my original post here

Something Old, Something New| Children's LifeStyle Photography

It was a long hot summer.  Jake was just three here, and so darn cute!  We had been playing outside, and I really wanted to get some window light shots of him.  I lured him inside with the promise of a snack, and sat him by the window in hopes of creating an amazing portrait.  Jake had no intention of taking off his hat and was most uncooperative.......or so I thought at the time.  Seeing these images today, his cute little expressions, remembering how he wouldn't sit still, or face the light.......well, it just doesn't matter. I can see his spark and almost hear his thoughts.  Jake, thanks for always being yourself!

Sophie| Children's Lifestyle Photography| Sonoma

It's been a busy wedding season, and I have basically been planted at my computer processing day and night. I needed to get out and photograph something for me, something that wouldn't have a deadline.  So off I went with the kids.  It was last Friday........which I think was the hottest day EVER.   Jake nicely refused the adventure by saying "I really wish I could go with you mom, but I was sweating all day at school and need to go swimming!"   So.......he hung back with his dad in the pool.  Here are a few of my favorites with Sophie........ sophie-sonoma-4