Choosing Your Wedding Ring

While processing a recent wedding, and going through the ring images, I noticed that there seem to be trends in style and shape of the main diamond, and also the color of gold or type of fine metal used.   It just got me there a particular timeless style?

After some online research, I discovered an online  UK jeweler that has one of Europe's largest selections of certified natural diamonds...and  a fabulous educational web page about size, cut, shape, etc., so be sure to take a peek.

The gorgeous Emerald Cut below has a broad flat pane, truncated corners, and a step cut. It evolved from 20th century table cuts.  This look has a vintage sophistication.

purple wedding shoes

Above image photographed at the amazing Clift Hotel in San Francisco.

The Asscher Cut has a "hall of mirrors effect" , and is also referred to as a square emerald cut.  This cut is from the Art-Deco era of the early 20th century.  I don't have one of my own images to show, but imagine this emerald cut in a square.  It is amazing!

Gundlach Bundschu wedding photography

The Cushion Cut below has larger facets and is light dispersive with "a crushed ice effect'.  It has a Square shape with rounded edges.  It's origin is from the 19th century and is stunning!

Napa Wedding 1

After reading about the different cuts, I was interested to learn that the round shape is considered to be of ideal proportions to maximize brilliance and fire.  It's origin is 17th Century Mazarin, and it is the most popular of all shapes due to it's versatility and classic nature. That became evident to me after noticing that so many of my clients chose this shape.  Notice the round shape from the  images below, but how the different designs and settings give the ring it's unique look.

Calistoga Ranch Wedding Photography 2

wine country wedding 2



Below image from a beautiful wedding at Auberge Du Soleil in the Napa Valley

Auberge Wedding Napa Valley 1

The two images above feature a round main diamond surrounded by  smaller diamonds in a square frame. The is a lovely way to incorporate both design elements, and seems to be a popular look right now.

The Marquise Cut is an oval shape that elongates the finger and has origins from 1745 French Royalty.  Unfortunately, I haven't photographed this style yet...but am looking forward to it!