My Beginnings

I've been asked a lot lately how I got started in photography.  It's been a passion of mine since early childhood when I began photographing my two younger brothers.  My earliest  projects involved dressing them up.......usually in my clothing, or from whatever I could get my hands on from my 3 sisters.  The boys didn't stand a chance. Yes, their baby books are filled with images of them in skirts and blue eyeshadow.   Despite the fact that they refused to dress as girls past the age of five.........I love them dearly  for enduring these early sessions which helped to reinforce my love of photography.  We still laugh about it to this very day.  The following image was shot  with film when I was fifteen.  The original plan was for the little one to be "the biker chick"...........but he put up a fight during the make up application and insisted on being a "biker dude" like his older brother.   They were so cute posing like tough guys. You can see my original post here