I am often asked how long I've been a photographer.  I think it's true for most artists.........we really can't remember a time when we weren't creating.  It's who we are!   I shot this image of my little brothers when I was 14 years old.    I was 9 when my first brother was born, and that is what probably sparked my interest in photography.  I just loved to dress him up as a girl (the poor kid), apply blue eyeshadow to those big brown eyes, and shoot as many rolls of film as I was allowed.  By the time he was 5 years old,  he began to protest  playing "dress up", and my youngest brother followed suit.   So.........I was forced to agree to make them "tough guys"!  I spiked their hair, colored in their eyebrows and "mustaches" with eyeliner, drew tattoos on their arms, and grabbed my camera!   The favorite image of my baby bros!   I'm  actually thinking of recreating this shot with my they still make tube socks with stripes? chad-seth-retro